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Dr. Kathy DoyleMost people think only of chiropractic care as receiving “pops and cracks.”

With upper cervical chiropractic, also referred to as NUCCA Chiropractic, you don’t have to worry about being twisted in order to get the results and improved health you’re looking for.

In our office, we regularly see patients suffering from headaches, neck pain, whiplash, and disc problems. Patients also seek our care for back stiffness, arm and leg pain, and numbness and tingling.

You may be surprised to find that patients seek Dr. Doyle’s care for PMS, menstrual cramps, and joint pain (including shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle).

We also accept patients suffering from sports and work injuries.

What Is NUCCA?

The primary method of spinal adjustment that Dr. Doyle uses is called the NUCCA Technique (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association).

With this type of chiropractic, the neck is the area of focus because messages going to all parts of the body from the brain must pass through the neck, so if the neck is misaligned the improper nerve function may affect any part of the body.

The top vertebra or bone in the neck is called the atlas. The head or skull sits on top of the atlas.

We use this top vertebra as a lever to re-align the entire spine. The neck is not twisted and no pain is felt by the patient. This light touch can have a profound effect on the patient.

A precise system of pre and post adjustment calculations assure that a measurable correction is made.

With this method of chiropractic our goal is to get all of the joints in the body re-aligned and moving correctly. This allows the body to function better, resulting in pain relief and better health. With the NUCCA technique most patients respond quickly with a decrease in symptoms.

Unlike many other chiropractic techniques, patients usually hold their adjustments and their spines stay in alignment for a long time-months, sometimes years. This results in far fewer visits, saving time and money.

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